Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Siphon Draw - Trail Run/Hike

When: Feb 20, 2010
Where: Superstition Mountains - Siphon Draw Trail
Who: Solo
Description: Best hike in the Superstitions...approximately 5 and 1/2 miles from parking lot to the Edge of the Flat Iron with about 2700 feel elevation gain...mostly in the last mile and 1/2.

I love the Supes...terrible to hear the state will be closing Lost Dutchman State Park in June due to "lack of state funding" is the main entrance to reach the trail system in the Superstitions. There are other entrances but just not as convenient. With luck they will just close the bathrooms, board up the buildings and still allow hikers to access the trail head.

I have always enjoyed hiking alone and especially trail running. The other day I heard some people I didn't know discussing that they were going to go hike siphon draw. I had used that trail to access the Flat Iron for camping with good friends in December...but thought if I only had a camel back and some light running shoes...maybe other clothing as well...I should probably be able to get up and down much faster. There is not much of it that you could jog but there was definitely I got the gear out Friday night and was out the door at 6:00am.

Distance with elevation changes...Garmin 305.

If you don't camp at the state park, you are required to access Siphon Draw trail by a different trail head/parking area. It adds about 2 miles to the round trip.

A little sweaty and cold...but at the top of the Flat Iron in 1 hour 33 minutes. Temperature was dropping fast and a rain storm was moving in. I stayed at the top for about 5 minutes and headed back down.

Always love the views from the top of the Supes!

Back at the truck in 2 hours 36 run/hike with breaks. Pretty slow time for flat ground...but the hills definitely slow you down :) Good Times! I wish I could do this route a couple times a week...but I am sure my knees couldn't handle it.


  1. Dude! You are awesome. Wow!

  2. Whew, you make me tired! At least this post didn't scare me to death to read.

  3. Now that I proved I can HIKE today... i look forward to hiking adventures with you my Love! yipee!! I hope to beat your record time to the top and back.... it's a race! coming soon ;)