Friday, March 5, 2010

Gear Phreak Part 1 - Climbing

By most Trad climbing gear collection is just a starter kit. I have been into rock climbing off and on for the past 15 off and on I mean almost "OCD" on...then none...then "OCD" back on :) I have been collecting gear for the past few years with a few recent additions and thought I would get a post together for it. (I also like to be at the top of Loree's Links to the most recently updated blogs she follows.)

Rack-o-Gear: This is most of the current gear I bring on climbing trips. I have several other harnesses, shoes, ton's of webbing etc not pictured.

My favorite type of climbing involves hiking in to less "traveled" trad routes where bolts are limited to none and the amount of people are the same. For those of you not thoroughly versed in climbing verbage...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Traditional climbing
, or Trad climbing, is a style of rock climbing in which a climber or group of climbers places all gear required to protect against falls (pitons, etc.), and removes it when a passage is complete. Characterizing climbing as "traditional" distinguishes it from sport climbing in which all protection and anchor points are permanently installed prior to the climb.

From Top Left moving right: Slung Hexes, Tri-Cam's, Omega Pacific Link Cams
Bottom: 2 sets of nut's ranging from large to "never take a fall on these little guys" sizes.
Other Gear: Mammut Tusk 60m Dynamic Rope, Metolius harness and rope bag, helmet etc...

Omega Pacific Link Cam's - (I must first thank my sweetnes Loree...for these babies!!!) Finally dropped the $$$ for some cam's. These cam's are about double the price of most others but have a range that is 3x greater than the others as well...making it easier in those desperate situations when arm's are pumping out, legs a dying, and I really need to get a piece of protection far I love em'.

Carly...8 years old and a rockin the Trad Gear...maybe another year or 2 before she is out leading the Praying Hand's route :)

Check out those gun's! Although she did wonder how I climb with the "ton's of gear."

Step 1: Flake the rope out in a random pile
I really like the Metolius rope bag. A good way to store a rope without adding a lot of twists and bends that a tightly coiled rope gets over time. The bag also acts as a tarp at the crag to keep your rope off the ground.

Step 2: Push the pile into the envelope at the bottom...fold in the sides.

Step 3: Roll up and fold over. If you have several rope, there is a little window at the top for your to quickly view what rope is in the bag without having to open it...slick.

No, the Trad rack does not go quietly into the plastic box under the office gets hung up for me to see it flex the cams and provide the love and care they greatly deserve!

So, this is the climbing gear...anyone want to go?


  1. Wow - that does look like a lot of gear - and such pretty colors! Gotta love the cuteness of it all. tee hee

  2. Lenny - you do suffer from OCD! But as much as i might grumble about know i love you! I am glad i married a passionate guy! ;) you are mine forever! Gear and all ;)XOXOXO