Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pinnacle Peak

Where: Pinnacle Peak - Scottsdale AZ
When: March 26, 2010
Who: Solo 
Description: Pinnacle Peak is a rock climbing and hiking area on the North East corner of Scottsdale. It doesn't look like much from the freeway but the a guidebook I have describes some great routes...on granite rock!

This area is one of many I have marked in the local climbing guide books I have collected over the years.    At the last minute Friday morning I decided to spend a couple hours exploring the area/routes and practice placing trad gear (climbing gear for fall protection) and build some anchors.

 Quick Photo of the East Face of Pinnacle peak...just below the parking area.

 The main trail is about 1.75 miles long and ascends about 1300 feet. It is extremely well maintained and very crowded...even on week days.  I hiked the trail around to the West face and then scrambled off trail to the base of the climbing area. There are several small steep trails labeled "for climbers only" that I found on the way back down :)

Looking down from the East Face back towards the parking area.

 Omega Pacific Link Cams - The best cams that I have ever used...are also just about the only cam's I have ever used. They have the range of approximately 3 standard cams and are simple to place...especially in a hurry. I found that for just about any fingers or small hand size 4 link size cam's could fit in one of the 3 configurations.

 Ahh...when I began Trad climbing, this is the type of gear I used. Much cheaper and a good Hex placement just feels Bomber!!

 The newest addition to the Zitoman Trad Rack. The Metolius Super Cam...this funky cam has the range of approximately 3 larger cams and begins where the Omega Link Cam's range for those larger cracks...this is the one.

Looks like I should have used a larger cam here...this .5 is on the border of being opened to wide...

Anyway, had a good couple hours messing around and getting more comfortable with Trad gear. Anyone up for some of these routes?

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  1. oh and your gear! i am happy these contraptions bring joy to your heart of know it is what it is ;) Love u babe!