Saturday, January 15, 2011

Syphon Draw - Zito Family Hike

Where: Lost Dutchman State Park "Syphon Draw Trail"
When: Jan 15, 2011
Who: Zito Fam
Description: Syphon Draw is one of my favorite local of the most scenic in the Phoenix to get out in the "Supes" as often as possible! Great to get Loree and the Zito Kiddo's out for a hike...they definitely got a workout :)

(Stole this pic from the web...great view of the Supes from the trailhead.)

If you know me...I do tend to get myself or those with me in a little over our heads at times. This little Saturday hike could fit into that category. I love hiking in the Supes and this trail is one of my favorites. I have hiked it several times alone and with friends but never with my family. It is gorgeous once you start up into the canyon...but I had forgotten that is pretty challenging :) Especially for a 4 year old! Kids did great and definitely got a good workout...4.6 miles and 1650 Feet elevation gain!

Stats courtesy of the ole Garmin 305...still a great watch!

Google Earth map of the route

 Ready to roll...Trailhead begins on the "Treasure Loop" trail 56

 You do get a more detailed map for the $8 that it costs to get into the park.

 Warming up...74 degrees in January...pretty tough out here in AZ.

 The Flat Iron can be seen back in the distance.

 Carly coming through the brush in Syphon Draw.

 Blake is gaining a little momentum now...we are close to our turn around spot...he told me his legs were feeling fuzzy :) Mine too...

 Great spot to enjoy the view and have lunch. We parked it here for 30-40 minutes then headed back down.

 Looking back down at the valley from Syphon can see Usery mountain.

 The slick rock is great when it is not wet...Blake climbing around.

 Good Times....Kaitlyn, Carly, Blake.

 Me and my buddy.

 Kaitlyn, Loree, Carly...having a snack.

 Not the most healthy hiking food...but everyone made it up so eat whatever you want :)

 Blake and I heading back down...a bit after this he got to ride on the shoulders the rest of the way out.

 Looking back down the mountain.

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  1. WOW! that was quite the hike! it was cool to accomplish it all together. it was hard and HOT!!! but we made it and you we right about the awesome views... you were also right about getting in a bit over your head challenging us to climb 1600 feet up. no wonder my legs are sore :) Thanks for leading the way and we look forward to more adventures with you in the supes.... love ya lenny :)